Baseline Survey

A Baseline Survey is a point of initiation for monitoring that provides a comprehensive characterization of phenomenon in a specific timeframe so that later changes in its attributes can be measured & evaluated for better implementation.

As a very vibrant tool of monitoring & evaluation, SREEJAN Livelihood Development conducts a full-fledged baseline survey of 100% families in its operational areas. It identifies the life & livelihood pattern of rural people. It also key outs of the problem & potentialities in the community, which helps SREEJAN to prepare the location & people specific plan in a better way.

Self Help Group (SHG) Formation

Self Help Group is a small group or team of homogenous people (mainly women) for face to face interaction and relationship. The membership of SHG may range from 5-20. Social & economic homogeneity is very important.

It’s based on trust, belief and conviction that the Community, no matter how backward, marginal, less of resources that can be mobilized for meeting individual as well as family’s needs and that of the Community for making local improvements and bringing about social change.

SREEJAN Livelihood Development focuses on the empowerment of women by building their own Self Help Group, which is based on and built upon Self-respect and Self determination. To the economically & socially downtrodden rural women, the idea of Self Help Group is not only Economic Independence, but also has a strong social aspect for bringing about social transformation.

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