About Sreejan

SREEJAN is a social enterprise operating in the rural areas of eastern India. SREEJAN provides holistic support towards poverty alleviation and women empowerment, and includes capacity building/ training and market linkage services to rural micro-enterprises. It offers agriculture, livestock and rural small businesses credit and related micro-insurance products.

100% of SREEJAN’s members are women, and are from poor rural families with per-capita household income of 50 pence a day. SREEJAN’s runs its unique Holistic Livelihood Programme in Birbhum district of West Bengal state.

  • Commoditizing micro-credit cannot alleviate poverty alone.
  • SREEJAN’s holistic approach towards livelihood promotion and human capacity:
    • Awareness of entitlements
    • Access to financial services
    • Social Capital via group formation
    • Entrepreneurial abilities
    • Market creation
    • Risk management (micro-insurance)
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