Advisory Board

Dr Souren Ghosal

Dr Ghosal is a well-known veteran banker having 45 years of rich experience. He joined United Bank of India (UBI) in 1968 in the aftermath of bank nationalization programme by the Indira Gandhi Government. He retired from the UBI in 1989 as the country head of credit division. In 1990, he became the President of UK-based Hambros Bank’s Indian subsidiary Hambros-Nicco group. He was also a Director of various state-owned companies such as Agro Industries Corporation, Small Industries Corporation and United Industrial Bank. Dr Ghosal has numerous books and policy papers on banking. He has been the guest editor of microfinance magazine, Microfinance Focus. Dr Ghosal holds a PhD degree in finance.

Matthew Scott

Mr. Scott is entrepreneur-in-residence in the University of Oxford and an Associate at the Financial Services Authority (the Financial regulator of the UK). He is also the Chairman of Global Giving UK, an UK based Charity. Mr. Scott holds an MBA from the Stanford University (USA). Mr Scott has been featured in the TIME magazine as a social entrepreneur for his work on solar energy and climate change.

Carlo Palmieri

Mr. Palmeri the founder of CP Counsulting, a consulting firm in London providing services to big insurance companies. He was a senior consultant with Bain & Co. and later a director of Lehman Brother, an American Investment Bank. Mr. Palmeri holds an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School (USA).

Steven Helman

Mr. Helman is an investment professional based in New York. He has experience in the biotech and sustainable energy fields. He studied mathematics at Williams College, Massachusetts (USA). Mr. Helman has long been a supporter of SPANDAN, beginning with a visit to a local self-help group in West Bengal in 2009. Prior to his investment career he did strategic planning for global non-profit media company Sesame Workshop.

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