Sahasrangshu Sinha, FRSA

Managing Director

Mr. Sinha is a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (London), and was the co-chairman of Oxford Society for International Development (2011-12).He was raised in a rural middle-class family in eastern India and a firm believer of social business as a tool for poverty alleviation and livelihood improvement at the bottom of economic pyramid. Mr Sinha has worked for several global investment banks (Barclays Capital, Lehman Brothers, etc.) in Singapore, Mumbai and New York. He also serves as a trustee at the board of SPANDAN. Mr. Sinha holds an MBA degree from the University of Oxford, England.

Hemanth Valvekar


Hemanth has more than 40 years of experience at grassroot level NGOs., microfinance and banking. He is an ex-Head of the microfinance division at the RBL Bank, and also an ex-Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BASIX Microfinance (BSFL), which is the India’s oldest MFI. In addition to his long professional career in the banking and the microfinance sectors, Hemanth has been providing training to rural bankers at Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD) at the NABARD ; a leading agency supplying development and farm credit in rural areas. He is instrumental in promoting community based microfinance institute i.e. Anik Financial Service Ltd. in Marathwada of Maharashtra. Mr. Valvekar completed his Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) from the Osmania University, in Hyderabad India.

Mathew Chacko

Chief Legal Counsel

Mr Mathew Chacko is a former Supreme Court Lawyer and currently resident head of a Singapore based Corporate Law Firm. He helped many multinational corporations and investment firms on various cross border deals in India, Singapore, Indonesia and China. He also teaches at the Singapore Institute of Legal Education. Mr Chacko holds a law degree from the University of Oxford.

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