Be the Change

Sreejan is not just another financial institution, it’s a movement. It’s a movement to create a new approach towards poverty alleviation, it’s a movement to protect the life and livelihood of the poor people via micro-insurance, it’s a movement to bring gender equalities against all socio-economic odds. Like any other social movement, this also requires enthusiastic and passionate people who will lead and change the status-quo of inaction.

Come, join us, take the lead and be the change!

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I am an impact investor

Sreejan is actively looking equity investment. As a social enterprise, our goal is to maximize social impact every dollar we spend. We invest in people, in their livelihood and in their welfare. We are eager to hear from you about your expectation and your suggestion. Please write to us at:

I am an investor looking for pure financial return

You have come to the right place. With literally zero NPA, we maintain best asset quality among our peers. If you would like to get more details, please write to us at:

I am a professional looking for volunteering

We are looking for you…to help us in whatever capacity you can contribute. If you would like to get more details, please write to us at:

I am a student looking for an internship

We offer internship opportunity based on your passion and skill. Currently we are open to accept new interns due to our expanding operations. Internship does not offer any stipend, however includes free accommodation, food and local transport. To apply for an internship, please send your profile to us at:

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